Agent Testimonials
I chose Watson Realty Corp because of the team players in the office and the professionalism of the agents. Also I liked the education that was available to me through Watson. My experience of the past 5 years here at Watson has been positive.
I am so thankful I landed at Watson! The office culture is so very pleasant, the managing broker very helpful, and the office manager a delight. My Husband and I had enjoyed a prosperous Buy-Fix-and-Sell business until the winter of 2009 when it wasn’t……..He got a job, and we decided I should get a real estate agent’s license and continue to look over the properties we didn’t want to sell in the down market. When I first got my license, I joined a brokerage full of investors and thought I would fit right in. It was a dismal fit. I needed more quality training, direction, and a team environment. One day I pulled out invitations I had received from two local managing brokers. I felt some loyalty battles inside, but realized I needed a change. Meeting Mike Demcho was like finding home. He is a terrific blend of encouragement and support, while challenging me to do more, and be my best. He has been in the real estate business forever, and has a story and some sound words of wisdom for every possible situation that comes up. The office manager, Charlotte Jolissaint, is patient and goes above and beyond to help all of us with the amazing variety of things that come up in our transactions. The “Success School” training was excellent and answered many questions before they came up at a critical time. We are invited to sit in on the training again anytime we want. My team mates are fun, interesting and helpful. Watson is known for its “exemplary customer service” and I am proud to be a part of that.
My history with Watson Realty Corp. began with signing up for the Realtor Pre-License class at Watson School of Real Estate. From the moment I met Wayne Edgington I knew that Watson was different from other realtors. He is an unbelievable instructor and a great ambassador for the company. After successfully completing the course and passing the state exam, choosing Watson Realty Corp seem like the natural move to make. Well that was just the beginning. After a great introduction to the Team in Oviedo it was off to Watson's Success School. Meeting the Brokers in the Watson Network just added layers to the great foundation. Tom Longmore and Nancy Shear were and still are great coaches in my development on the local level. After completing my first full year at Watson Realty I earned the honor of "Rookie of the Year" along with receiving The President's Award for production. In January of 2014, I formed The Bruce Blatman Team at Watson Realty. The company gave me the range and support to create and develop my business plan of forming a Team. With my Buyers Agent Kam, and my Personal Assistant Allyson, along with the tools and support of Watson's local management team lead by Jeff Fagan (another great supporter), the future looks bright. I know that a long and successful career at Watson Realty Corp. awaits me.
I retired in 2005 from a Fortune 100 Company. Following a brief technology consulting assignment and a desire to continue working in a customer-facing role, I decided to build a Real Estate Business, something I always wanted to do. I chose Watson Realty Corp. because Watson’s core values, guiding principles, and customer focus align well with mine. As a result my decision to join Watson was an easy one. Watson has helped me grow my business by providing excellent coaching, the latest technological tools and a commitment to continuing education. Office professionalism and camaraderie provide an added incentive to continue the Watson way.
My name is Helen Weaver and I work out of the Kissimmee office under the management of Greg Staker. I started Real Estate in February 2013 with absolutely no previous experience in real estate. In addition I moved to Kissimmee from Tampa to start my career in this city, therefore I had NO friends, family, coworkers or center of influence to rely on. After I interviewed with Greg, I knew immediately this was the realty company that I wanted to begin and end my career with. The reason why I choose Watson was simply because of success school. I had only interviewed with one other company before meeting with Greg and they offered 1 hour training per week. I won’t bother to mention this was Century 21. Once you receive your real estate license you will quickly note that you didn’t learn how to be an agent in class but only the law and provisions of what you can or cannot do or say. Therefore training was VERY IMPORTANT in order for me to become successful. Watson Success School was absolutely fabulous! The fact that it is a two week training and they have multiple brokers training on the different subjects each day just blew me away. I learned sooo much in class and the dedication, support and friendly people made it easy for me to transition. After success school I was ready to conquer the real estate world and needless to say I think I’ve done quite well in my first year and a half. Last year I was the rookie of the Kissimmee office and I successfully listed 32 ½ properties and closed over 1.5 M in transactions. Currently I am #4 in closed transactions in my office and working hard to get back to the number 1 spot that I held for a few months. I would love to be able to speak to new agents at Watson success school to let them know that if I can do it…so can you! I am so proud to be a realtor for Watson and I truly feel that Mr. Watson is nothing less than a genius. I work under the best manager in all of Kissimmee and the atmosphere is very pleasant. This truly makes me proud to say, you are Watson, I am Watson….WE ARE WATSON!!
Kissimmee Office
"Watson Realty Corp. allows me the independence to create my own identity while providing the most amazing technology and support. This frees me to provide my clients with the best of service. The Avondale/Ortega office offers a professional atmosphere with a team of associates that just can t be beat. I am so pleased to be a part of the Watson team."
Oretga Office
"After extensive research, I selected Watson Realty Corp. as the company with the strategic vision, ideals, and culture to position me for success. I am very pleased to be benefiting from the commitment to strong leadership, ongoing development of associates, and core business values embraced by Watson Realty."
Oretga Office
"I decided to join Watson Realty Corp. because of the integrity and the place the company holds in the real estate world. Also, the respect & opportunities for their associates and for all they offer to our clients."
St. Augustine Office
"Mr. Watson s reputation, character and professionalism, which is personified throughout the organization, together with the resources and training available to help me best serve my clients made it an easy choice."
South Beach Office
"I am thrilled to return to Watson Realty s St. Augustine office. The level of knowledge of the Broker, the competence of the support staff, and the energy of the associates is unparalleled. Watson Realty has always had the family atmosphere and attitude that teamwork, education and support of their associates can and does make a difference."
St Augustine Office

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